Meeting with ‘a_ray_of_positivity’

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting with the person behind a_ray_of_positivity the other week.  She is a teacher, of the little cute reception children.  Definitely not something that I could so but how amazing is she?  In amongst all the time keeping little hands and minds occupied and educated a_ray_of_positivity is on a mission to create a space to help others through mental difficulties with her amazing words of wisdom and quotes.  We spoke about a variety of subjects, and how having recently surpassed 1K followers how a_ray_of_positivity will continue her journey and what the future holds.  Read on for more of what we spoke about.

Thank you for taking some time in your busy day to have a chat with me.

 Ah that’s ok.

An amazing way to celebrate hitting 1k followers.

Thank you.

So I have some questions, but in general it is a bit of a chat about how your page came about, and things is that ok?

Yes of course.

Then I will get it written up, and will send you a copy before it goes live on my blog site.

That sounds amazing.

“pay it forward – share positivity and kindness with others around them to make the world a much more positive place”


First of all, can you tell me about your page. When did you start it? and how did you come about the name for it?

I started it previously during May in lockdown last year as I decided to raise money for mind, and run and walk to start with 100 miles and then a week in up it to 200 miles- I ran 41 miles and Walked 159 and raised over £1000 🙂

That is an amazing achievement.

Thank you so much 🙂 I had been thinking for a while to start a positivity page but didn’t know how to go about it- a few of my friend refer to me as a ray of sunshine. and so, having read a card from a friend saying exactly that I started it in February:)

First using other quotes I’d found online and then after I found that a few people shared it and it had taken time with making it pretty for my page… my best friend said you are always sending me positive quotes and sharing them why not do your own and use your thoughts and so I did 🙂

I like that. Listening to what your friends are saying are your strengths.

Excuse the essay 🙂

I love essays, so don’t worry about it

And so, from that I created a logo that I placed on each post that I had taken the time to write myself :)You will see on my page where it started to be me 🙂

I took a look, they are lovely quotes, and I think it is nice when they become more unique and personal to the person who is running the page.

  Thank you ☺️ that means a lot- I had a wobble about two weeks ago when I became quite vulnerable on here as I felt why would people want to listen to my thoughts and feelings you know and actually that’s when people became more aware and engaged with my page.

I would definitely agree- I think being honest and showing vulnerability allows people to relate to what you are posting and feel like their feelings at that time are also valid 🙂

I have battled depression and anxiety on and off since I was a teenager so wanted to try and create a page to be honest and open and allow people to relate to my thoughts- which they seem to which is amazing.

The wanting to create a safe place for others is a theme I am finding in speaking to others who have pages. I think it is an immensely powerful thing and instils a lot of hope when they can see the progress in others.

It’s really helped me mentally too ☺️

The reason for me wanting to create a safe space to direct and encourage people to look at accounts is for similar reasons. True experiences, real stories of hope, and encouragement are sometimes more valuable that people realise.

I totally agree- I think it’s a lot about having empathy and understanding for others who have been through similar things, that they aren’t alone- and during lockdown I feel like that’s been a very common theme for myself included.

I was going to ask why this page is important to you, but I think you have answered that. Is there anything you wish to add for the importance of keeping your page active?

It’s also for me to raise awareness that whatever you are feeling is ok to feel- not everyone is ok and not everyone is struggling you know 🙂

That is true, I also think it’s hard for people to admit they are struggling,

“I’m not just writing for me- you know, I’m writing for all the people who are struggling to express how they are feeling- but my post may well be the catalyst to help them to speak out.”


Ultimately, I’m just a woman sharing my thoughts and feelings and hoping that people can relate to me -you know.

I would like to think many people would say you were more than “just a woman”.

 Thank you that means a lot- I’m also very good at not taking compliments.

Is anyone?

Right now I’m in a very good headspace but I have battled in and off for years and special quotes have helped me throughout- ones that I’ve found or ones that I have been sent- and if my friends themselves are going through a hard time the first thing I will do is find a quit to help them get through the day and if a quote I have written can be that light- the ray as you will to get them through

It means the world just to know that people are ultimately relating to what I have to say and that I am helping people by what I am writing, for example being able to have a place on your blog 💛

Likewise.  This is the reason I am using my blog, to allow people behind the images to have space to be related too.

Yeah no I totally get that- it’s such a fantastic thing to be doing and I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and hear what I have to say.

Thank you.

While you have been keeping your page going would you say that keeps you motivated? Even through the difficult days?

Knowing that I can make someone’s day better with the things that I post- that means everything- I’m not just writing for me- you know, I’m writing for all the people who are struggling to express how they are feeling- but my post may well be the catalyst to help them to speak out.

Sometimes it’s just something small to make you think- but I always try and write how I was feeling below to help others to know what made me choose to post what I have posted.  If that makes sense.

Yes that makes sense, I think it is a brilliant way to put it all into context and a spark of realism into what people are reading.

Thank you so much- sometimes I think I waffle too much, but I guess through that my followers get to know what makes me tick a bit more,

Waffling?? have you read my blogs??? Now that’s waffling!

Yes, they are beautiful written with how you feel in that moment 🙂

I over analyse myself constantly.

The fact that you recognise that you do that is a brilliant strength, the important thing is knowing what the next step is in managing it?

We are too harsh on ourselves at times, it’s how we react to that harshness that’s important.

Yes, definitely I think I’ve taken from my page- is that is ok to just be me- with no airs and graces- most of the time I am very bubbly and upbeat- but sometimes I do just need some time to myself and it’s realising that no the depression is not coming back but that I just need some time for myself 🙂

Definitely, and important lesson for all.

Talking of taking things from your page. What would you say are your best hopes for the future of your page?

Just to continue to help people with who are battling with mental health- who through reading my posts know that they can get through it and be all the stronger and more empathetic to others as they do, and like my favourite film- “pay it forward” share positivity and kindness with others around them to make the world a much more positive place xx

If that makes sense.

Yes, that does make sense.  Paying it forward is a great concept to go by.  I hope that it is something that you can continue to get across on your page.

I don’t think I have any other questions for you.  Congratulations again on hitting 1K followers, I see you’ve flown past that now.  I am sure it won’t be long before you hit another milestone and continue to spread your beautiful positive quote to many more followers.

Thank you so much! I know it’s madness. But so lovely.

‘Paying it forward’ what an amazing saying.  It is something that I have heard before but never really considered in on a non-physical level before.  Sure, I have heard of paying it forward when it comes to helping out the person in front of me in the supermarket when they need a hand, or paying it forward to help someone out when they need something practically doing for them.  Paying it forward with support and kindness.  It makes sense, being kind and supportive to others, passing that same level of kindness on that you would expect, one day if you needed it, someone would give back to you.  All of the quotes on a_ray_of_positivity Instagram page are written by herself, so head over and get a glimpse into the wonderful work that has gone into this page.  To take some time out and allow yourself to just think, and who knows, maybe just one or two of them may open that opportunity to reach out and ‘pay it forward’ to someone you know.

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Letter of hope – Difficult few days.

Sometimes we all need that little bit of hope. It can come in a the form of a letter. Here is one for you, a letter of hope for all those who have had a difficult few days. Take some time to sit, read, have a cup of your drink of choice, allow yourself to think and process the thoughts and feelings you have. You are doing better than you realise you are.

Dear you,

I know you’ve had a difficult few days, so how are you managing?  Really, how are you managing with everything? 

I wanted to write to you because then you will have something you can come back and look at again later, so you can remind yourself just how amazing you’re doing.  

It is difficult when things don’t go to plan, I can’t imagine how you must be feeling right now.  I am so pleased you’ve taken some time to stop though to read and focus on yourself.  That’s so good of you, you are important too. 

Have you been able to keep yourself well?  Is there anything you can do to make it easier over the next few days?  I think if you can come up with two things to help yourself it’ll be amazing, then you can focus more on everything else you need to do. It’s important you look after yourself, so any extra time is going to be so good for you.

How are you sleeping at the moment?  Could it be better?  What could help do you think?  If you try something tonight to help you sleep better will it be worthwhile? Will you try? 

With everything that’s been happening for you you’ve still managed time to read, that’s amazing, what other brilliant things have you been up to?   I went for a walk in the sunshine and noticed the daffodils, they were so pretty, it reminded me of springtime and gave me some hope that brighter days are coming.  

I know it’s hard, but you really are doing amazing, and I am so proud of you.  You are being such a strong person at the moment as every day passes you are getting stronger.  If you can’t see it right now you will one day.  

Keep the hope that you will get through this because you are, one step at a time.  One day at a time, and you will come out the other side.  When you do, you’ll look back with such an amazing sense of pride. 

Believe in yourself. I do. 

From Butterflies with Rainbows 🦋🌈🦋

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Our Journey To An ASD Diagnosis.

This blog is written with permission from my daughter, we have written this together as our way of raising awareness of the journey in getting her diagnosis, to raise awareness of the challenges a teenage girl faces but also to break down some of the stigmas surrounding young people with autism.

She was 11 years old when I first noticed things were getting difficult for her.  Friendships were getting harder to maintain, every day seemed to be another drama.  At first, I didn’t think much of it, I put it down to typical pre-teen hormones and a moody group of girls who just couldn’t get on.  Then came the complaints, headaches, belly aches, every day there was another reason not to get up in the morning and not to go to school.  Before long these aches and pains became so frequent and interrupting I had no option but to think that there was more going on than a girl avoiding school.  

Fast forward 12 months and we start secondary school, brilliant right!  No.  That new start we were holding on to, clinging on for a new set of friends in the hope that it would help her settle down and want to be in school at last.  All those excitements as a mum wanting to watch her daughter start secondary school came crashing down within a matter of days.  We were still having headaches, belly aches, backaches, everything aches.  Only now we were also accompanied with anxiety, crying, and sulking every morning before school.  That was on the days we could get school uniform on and get to the school.  Now these weren’t any typical ‘sulks’ as you could put it.  When these happened, they were in one way scary, in another way sad.  As a mum it felt like I was torturing my child every day, the screams were ear piercing.  Hearing her shouting out, and not saying I don’t want to go in, it was “I can’t go in” and that was the worst.  This was accompanied daily with multiple episodes of kicking, hitting, sometimes biting.  This could have gone on for hours depending on the length of time taken to try to get her into school.  It really was a battle of the wills.

Now we were really lucky, we had an amazing paediatrician who was monitoring her headaches and had also involved CAMHS (Child Adolescent Mental Health Services), so we felt like to some extent we were being listened too.  Not everyone is this lucky, and getting that initial referral is a long process.  However, if you stick with it, keep going and never give up you will get there.  Remember as a parent your voice is your child’s voice.  I had to be the voice for my daughter and at times that voice had to fight hard.  Those days when we sat across the table to senior people in school being told to just bring her in and ‘let her get used to it’ and that she was just ‘being a disruptive teenager’ that voice became more determined than ever.  You see deep down I knew my daughter, and I could see in her eyes that there were words she wanted to speak but couldn’t get out.  As frustrating as that was for me, I still to this day cannot imagine the frustration she must have felt in those meetings.

Through all the persistence and patience waiting for appointments and assessments I continued to be the ‘good mum’ that everyone wanted me to be.  I fought day after day to get my girl into that school.  To no avail I may add.  I learnt very quickly just how stubborn she can be, how adamant she is when she sets her mind to something and how strong she is, mentally and physically.  I can honestly say now, looking back that those strengths in her are going to set her up for an amazing leadership role in the future.  At times I wish she hadn’t demonstrated them quite when she did but then she wouldn’t be the person she is today. 

When we finally received that letter giving us a date for her ADOS (assessment for autism) I was petrified.  There was part of me that initially felt like I had let my daughter down, like I was admitting defeat, yet there was part of me that was relieved we were being listened too and someone didn’t think she was just being a ‘troublesome teenager’ who didn’t like her new school.  It was at this point I remember sitting with her and talking to her all about autism.  We spoke about how skilful and artistic people are, how talented and hardworking autistic individuals are, but also how sometimes they can need some extra help with school, and with learning how to understand things like friendships.  That we were going for this assessment not because anything was wrong, but because if she is autistic it would mean we could arrange the extra help and support for her as she needs it rather than leave her to struggle.  That night despite the usual bedtime difficulties I found a letter written to me, 

“Mum, I want to do this assessment thing, I want to know if my brain is wired differently”.

I knew she understood, I knew then despite my initial mixed feelings I was doing the right thing. 

In the run up to assessment day, school became non-existent.  The fights in the morning were not productive or kind to anyone.  We attempted some schoolwork from home, I faced the letters threatening court action for nonattendance, the importance was placed on keeping the peace and maintaining a safe place for my girl.  I tried everything, learning all the little things that she found comforting, small spaces, the vibrations of the tumble drier, in particular under the dining table with a blanket.  Using these to keep her calm and not stressed worked most of the time, but the thought of attending school still caused a great deal of stress and upset to her.  All those that loved her did all they could to keep her in a routine, it all helped.  Not everyone was that accommodating, and we had to make it work, I became not just a mum but her voice, her advocate, her biggest fan. 

“Your voice is your child’s voice”

On ADOS day I do not know who was more nervous.  Well actually I do, it was me.  The questions running through my head constantly were, what if she masks amazingly and no one sees what I see? What if it’s all in my head and she really is just being naughty? What if she panics in the room without me and they don’t know how to calm her down? What if she doesn’t talk at all? What if?????? My daughter however, walked straight into the room with the staff members from the assessment team without even saying bye, or looking over her shoulder at me and that was that.  Turns out I had nothing to worry about at all. She came out all smiles, telling me she got to draw, and they asked lots of pointless questions.  I couldn’t help but hug her and laugh.  That was my girl after all, blunt, straight to the point and honest.  We knew we would have to wait a while for the report, I knew it would feel like forever, as for my daughter. She just wanted to get some food. 

In the weeks to follow while we waited, we had the big change of starting a new school.  After a year of school refusal this was a very scary thing to do, but also exciting.  A new start, a school with set routines, and the preparation to get her into there had been pretty good.  A phased return followed some home learning, regular meetings with the staff to check in and just the language used when speaking with us made a massive impact.  I can’t tell you the difference it makes when you get your child into school, even though they are late and you are greeted with,

“It’s good to see you, I’m so proud of you for making it in today”. 

Three years on I’m glad to say she’s still in school, it’s not all rosy and sparkly.  In all honesty some days are tough, but I am glad for where we are now.  Compared to where we were with regards to attendance and schooling.  There are no more mornings with kicking and screaming, which we are all happy about.  The “I can’t go to school” is now very much “I don’t want to go in today, but I’m going anyway” which we have learnt is now a routine phrase and to be honest if I don’t hear it in the morning, I wonder what is on her mind.  I am so used to hearing it now. 

My daughter received her autism diagnosis in December 2018, she was just about to turn 13 years old. We were also told she has ADHD and Dyslexia.

When people meet my daughter it’s easy to understand why we went so long without a diagnosis.  My daughter can mask brilliantly.  This means she can mimic the behaviour of others around her, like a mirror.  She doesn’t necessarily understand the behaviours however as she sees others doing things the assumption that it is the correct and appropriate way to behave is made, therefore she will do the same.  

This will never change, I don’t want it to, at times it is quite funny, and as my daughter has got older and become more aware of her surroundings, social groups and their behaviours, she is more receptive to times when we can say to her “do you understand what that phrase means that you said?”

Sometimes the ability to mask can come at a cost, because on the outside it looks like she is able to manage everything, understand all the comings and goings of the world around her it is easy to miss the signs of a sensory overload.  Especially in larger groups such as school, or outings, or friendship gatherings.  It will only be when she is back home in her ‘safe space’ when that overload can be released.  Normally resulting in total shutdown and essentially having a brain break.  

“You are your child’s biggest advocate, they will remember what you say more than schools and other professionals.”


When we are out and about I will with confidence tell others to give my daughter some time because she is autistic.  We will be looked at with quite shocked looks, at times comments have been said as “really, she doesn’t look autistic” or “but she talks so well and gives such good eye contact”.  Well yes she does, but that doesn’t mean she finds it easy, or comfortable.  It doesn’t mean that before she walked into that building, or that room she doesn’t do a mental checklist, ‘look at them when they are talking to me, don’t interrupt, try and listen for more than 2 minutes, don’t swear, be nice’. (this is one example)

Now the beauty of autism is that no two individuals are the same.  So, although I’ve written this about our journey to a diagnosis, and some of the challenges we have faced and either overcome, or adapted too, it doesn’t mean it is the same for every family out there.  In fact, it won’t be the same for any other family at all.  That is okay, your family’s journey is going to be unique to you, it is going to take its own path depending on what you and your child need, and what you ask for.  

Our journey is not over, not by a long shot.  To be honest this part of our journey is only just beginning, I am learning more about my daughter’s little quirks every day, the whole family are, and so is she.  She is now beginning to learn to use her own voice which I couldn’t be prouder of, this means that I can now step back a little with some of the battles for support and requests for help for her, instead I am now her biggest cheerleader.  My main role now is help, support, and encourage her as she grows to embrace her individuality, her talents, her skills, her quirkiness, her totally bonkers moments (which are hilarious by the way) and to help her love herself just the way she is, (not to mention embarrassing her at any opportunity possible).  In return I have a daughter who shows empathy, consideration for others, emotion, a wicked sense of humour, and who is embracing her differences and utilising them to help others.

I couldn’t be prouder of how she has faced each hurdle or overcome each challenge.  I wouldn’t change her for the world.

If you are battling with school refusal, I know how disheartening and disappointing it can be, the constant battles, and never-ending fights with local authorities and schools.  You are your child’s biggest advocate, they will remember what you say more than the schools, always think what message would you want them to hear you putting across for them, what words do they need to hear you say? 

Finally, despite the challenges of the day, the words that are passed between people, even if you have one of those ones (teens) that stay in their room.  They will always hear you tell them you love them and remember it.  (Advice from my teen) 

Our journey has not been easy, it has not been the hardest.  It has however been our own journey.  We are beginning to own it, and by writing this together we would like to let others know that there is hope.  There is a light at the end, and it is journey you can travel along with the support of the right people around you. 

More specifically from my teen, “Autism isn’t anything to be ashamed about, it makes me who I am, and no two days are the same.  Some days can even be quite funny, especially those days when I am super sensory and I cant tolerate anything touching me, and I jump all the time.”

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No More Fight Left?

I try to keep this website as real as possible.  In order to do that it is important to understand that not every day is good.  Not every day following weeks/months/years of mental torture is day full of smiles, and positivity.  Sometimes it is more than a day.  These slums can last days, sometimes a week or so.  They are exhausting, but they are the reality of life.  This is the life I have to live and manage on a daily basis, as hard as it is there are times when I want to say enough.  There are days when I am great, and confident enough to shout from the rooftops.  Although the slums are what many people struggle with.  Over time there are ways to light the way out of them, they become easier to come out of, which is why now I can share this.

“I’m done fighting, fighting with everyone around me to be heard, fighting with the people who care because I want to be understood, fighting with myself because I don’t want to be the person I am. I have no strength left to fight these battles anymore, someone needs to hear me now.”

This is something I’m finding myself saying more and more these days.  Despite using all the techniques and coping strategies I have been taught through the numerous therapy sessions I have attended I can’t understand why I am finding myself saying this.  

“What do you need?” Is something that I get asked quite frequently and the only answer I can give is “I don’t actually think I know.”  When the reality is, I do.  I need time, and patience.  Someone who is able to sit with me without a time restriction, who can just listen and help figure out the spaghetti junction of words, feelings and emotions that have tangled themselves up in my head.  Someone who can just sit there and hold me while the tears fall and not feel uncomfortable, or the need to try and ‘fix’ them.  Just to understand that they need to fall at that moment.  The need to be held, comforted, and feel not completely alone at that moment, that despite the words ‘you are not alone’ being heard, for someone to understand that the feeling of loneliness outweighs those words on a daily basis.  

To allow myself to be able to turn that phrase around from “no fight” to “willing to fight”

The true facts are though, this isn’t a reality that can happen.  I do actually understand that, despite the understanding being there doesn’t mean my head can accept it.  Unfortunately for me my head still says, ‘I’m not ok, why can’t anyone see that?’  This then gets followed up with ‘why am I bothering if no one else is?’ Yet the truth is, I know people are bothered.  I’d give anything for someone to truly understand what is going on in my head. So that then I might begin to understand it better. At the same time, I wouldn’t wish anyone to experience it, because it is scary and lonely.  There is no happy medium here. 

So why am I feeling like I have no fight anymore?  Why are these feelings all coming flooding back like a tsunami when on the outside I am so close the end of one step of this journey?  Fear?  Is it the fear that it’ll all get taken away again? Maybe. Fear that I’ll be more alone? Maybe.  Fear that if it goes wrong again this time it will be all on me? Maybe.  Fear that I have been fighting all this time for the wrong reasons? Maybe.  Fear of being forced to live this life when there’s still part of me that doesn’t want to? Maybe.  Fear is a big part. 

Exhaustion?  Mentally exhausted from all the realisations of how much the last few years have damaged everyone. The exhaustion from trying to please every single person around me all the time.  The exhaustion from trying to figure out who I am and the realisation that I still don’t understand, and will disappoint those I’ve learnt to care about? Not to mention the physical exhaustion of trying to create this person, to be the person I want to be, to do the right things, to push back the bad person I really am and develop this nice person I want people to see.  The physical burnout from forcing myself to be at all the places I need to be and make sure I am mentally present despite knowing I need to take some time away.  

There are parts that don’t go to plan, that don’t resolve the way you wanted.  That change your future and turn your world upside down

When everyday becomes a constant battle, a constant fight, and then a constant reminder of a life that was, it becomes a constant nightmare that never ends.  It chips away at the reflection and before long that’s all I am able to see in the mirror.  A nightmare, that has nothing left, that knows what she needs but knows she needs to find an alternative before she gives in.

But when the cracks seem too wide, and it feels like the reflection is falling into them, quicker than any alternative can be found. 

So, what do I do?  What can be done to beat this, to close the cracks before it’s too late?  To re-establish that level of control which will allow the functionality of everyday life.  To allow myself to be able to turn that phrase around from “no fight” to “willing to fight” and stand up long enough to say it out loud.

Well first things first, I do what I do best.  I write, write down the things that are going well.  It isn’t always nothing, it is a case of stopping and thinking hard.  Ultimately when I am writing I will eventually get to the point when I write “I am still here fighting.”  See the hypocrisy there? 

Every slum comes to an end, eventually.  That I do know.  Managing it, figuring it out, I haven’t quite solved yet.  One day I might have a better understanding, in the meantime I rely on hope, virtual hugs from those that do care, my reliant on being able to write (even badly) and a cosy blanket.

Asking myself one question, “If you heard about someone else dealing with all you are, what do you imagine you would think of them?”

You see, the bad days do happen to everyone.  They can creep up when we least expect it, or they can begin to build over a while.  They happen because they are part of every single person’s life.  No one on this planet has a good day every single day.  There are parts that don’t go to plan, that don’t resolve the way you wanted.  That change your future and turn your world upside down.  The realisation comes when you learn how to refocus, grow, and learn from these changes.  Hope is a powerful thing, and the hope that when these low days happen that you have the strength, motivation and will power to keep getting up and to keep moving forward.  Even if it is at a slower pace than other days.

Conversation with Emma Jane AKA Jerseybean1307

On the 5th March I had a wonderful conversation with Emma Jane.  She runs a fabulous Instagram page @Jerseybean1307 which is where I first met her.  Running her page from Jersey, whilst juggling studying alongside she manages to keep posting frequently and interacting with many people daily.  Her posts are focused on positivity, mental wellbeing, kindness, and helping others.  I invited her along to have a chat, to learn more about her story and the person behind @jerseybean1307.  Here is how it went.

So, the reason for having this chat is to hear more about the people behind the accounts.

Ok that’s great.

So, what is it that made you start yours?

I’ve always loved the Instagram platform and view it as a community where many of us can join together no matter where we come from or what our background is and I like to connect and share experiences with others and for me this the perfect place to do so.

It is a great platform isn’t it,

It’s brilliant.

So what are the most valuable messages you try to get across?

That it is ok to not be ok, we all have good and bad days, flaws and scars and we need to feel free and be confident to share them rather than pretend and maintain an image that usually most of the time isn’t always real. To make people see they are not alone and there is support. Don’t be afraid to reach out, talk and ask for help and it will get better no matter what your situation is, keep faith and hope. Also don’t compare yourself to anyone you’re unique and special as you are. Mental and physical health are critical topics we should all feel able to share without judgement or fear.

To be able to talk openly about everything is something I hope for too.

Yes it takes time, but it will come at the right time took me years.

It’s a long process (I’m still getting there I think)

Step by step is all you can try to do.

Exactly, Baby steps at times but they are still steps.


“Don’t compare yourself to anyone you’re unique and special as you are.”


I know you said you are studying at the moment, what are you studying and how to you manage to keep your page up to date and keep up with your work?

I’m a night owl lol, so I work most hours as don’t sleep well, I’m working from home on shorter hours which allows me to manage my page as well as study, I currently study mental health, psychology and also a digital course all online. I also am just newly appointed a peer support worker for mind. My passion is to help people and share experiences to give others hope, it can get better.

Oh wow. That all sounds amazing. So, this is something that you are literally doing full time then?

It’s not my full-time job but I want it to be. I’ve always been empathetic and a giver and helper to others be it family friends or strangers. I’ve had a lot of issues myself and I’ve always thought I need to take it all and put all the bad stuff to use and help others.

That sounds so good, to do full time I mean.

Definitely.  It’s what my purpose is I feel.  Using your own experiences to help others is very kind and strong of you too.
It’s taken me a while to get here and share but I made it. It takes time.

That is amazing, Which kind of leads onto my next question,
What are your hopes for the future for your page? Where do you want to see it going in the future?

I just want it to continue giving strength love and support to others, if it touches just one person then am happy. I want to use it as a platform to speak of my struggles to show others it does get better and that bad times don’t last but tough people do.
For the future would love it to keep growing far and wide.

Love that, people need to hear more of that.  It does get better.

It does

People can gain a lot of hope from others I think,

Definitely.  I love and believe that sharing is key as your story is another’s survival guide.

Growing far and wide, I think you’re doing quite amazing so you should be pretty proud with what you’ve achieved.

Thank you so much.

I would normally ask what keeps you motivated but I think you have answered that,

But what is it that motivates you on a difficult day? Like you said we all have them?

lol helping others and developing my mindset to learn new tips and skills to allow help to others and Myself. I also love to write and photography.

Motivation on bad days is faith knowing it will pass I’ve been through the worst it can only get better I also use and practise grounding techniques.

That’s lovely.
And very true,

It is.

Writing is my thing lol you’d never have guessed.

Is there anything that you would like to share in my blog about yourself, your account, or anything that you want me to add?

Sure, please feel free to share my link and I’ve a vast experience with many mental health experiences and physical illness, also with chronic pain, so anyone needing support or a boost or to talk can just check me out am happy to help anyone

That’s great, having additional, reliable people who are able to share their experiences are an amazing resource to have access too.  This is one benefit of using a social platform like Instagram, the vast number of people who can access it easily.

 I’ve a Facebook page as well, it’s called Daily Kindness which I can try to send a link for, anyone please feel free to join.

I will share the link for sure.  Do you have any questions for me?

 No questions but thank you for your inspiring page and what you do.

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me, I look forward to writing this up and sharing it on my blog.

“My passion is to help people and share experiences to give others hope, it can get better.”


Meeting Emma Jane has been brilliant.  Her Facebook page Daily Kindness is available here,  It is a brilliant page, and just like her Instagram page is frequently updated.  All while studying.  With the brilliant positive mindset that is shown, and the hopes that have she has for future I am sure this isn’t the last we have seen of @jerseybean1307.  I wish you all the best for your studies and your future career, the hope and positivity that you spread across your social media pages is simply amazing.  Thank you for meeting with me to share the person behind the page.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you.

There are more conversations to come, getting to know the stories behind the pictures that are promoting a positive, hopeful environment across social media platforms.  People are using their own personal experiences to help others, to encourage others, and support those around them.  The community of people we have around us is a powerful thing, and together it is amazing what we can achieve.  Even with us all taking baby steps.

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