Taking care of our minds is more important than at times we realise. The most important time for us to stop, and consider some time out is always when we are stretching ourselves out to the maximum. This also happens to be the time when taking some time to focus on ourselves is the last thing on our minds.

Here I have put together a wide range of ‘stuff’. I hope there will be something that will appeal to everyone. On some days mindfullness may mean writing out a list, listening to some music, digging into an arts and craft box. Do you like writing? or maybe looking at positive quotes or doing some reading? Breathing exercises, as well as other practiced techniques to help clear your mind and refocus yourself back to YOU!

If you can’t find something please contact me, or if you know something that you think would help others let me know so we can share. Helping each other is so important, sticking together and finding out what helps you is half the fun.

Take a look at the pages below, and feel free to let me know what you think, or share your amazing creations.


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Browse quotes by amazing writers from all around the world & quotes from my own writing. Also little things that I’ve found myself saying to keep me going.

Lists/Planner Pages.

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Coming Soon – Browse a selection of tools to help with planning, organising, and focusing those overwhelming busy thoughts.

Get Crafty.

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Coming Soon – Some amazing art and craft ideas, not only for you but for you to do with you family, friends, anyone really. Away from screens, to enjoy those conversations.

Keep coming back, there is more content coming……….

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