On the edge.

Sometimes, despite all of our best efforts, circumstances can just push us. However knowing where to look, how to balance that moment when you’re feeling ‘on the edge’ can be an important way of managing everything that life throws at us. It isn’t easy, but you can do it!

Standing still, very very still, trying not to fall. One more little gust of wind will do it I am sure. A little breeze, a small shiver down my spine. What if I sneeze?

How did I get here? I wasn’t here when I woke, I was quite far inland. I’m here now though, I gradually made my way here through the day.

Every step down the path took me here, I didn’t want to come here, it was not my choice. This is not a nice place to be. The only thing good about being here are the butterflies. They are so pretty and and fly in their hundreds. The pretty colours never look sad, they always seem to stay above me too.

There is this path in front of me, it doesn’t seem like the nicest one to walk along, it’s full of potholes, and rocks that trip you over. Every time you think you’re doing something good something else is there to surprise you. It seems like this path has a mind of its own. It literally pushes and pulls you along. The more you fight it the quicker you get here, to the edge.

I’ve been along this path so many times, you would think by now I’d know how to get away from it. I don’t, not yet. But if I watch the butterflies I’m hoping they will show me the way. They are always there, sometimes they lift me up if I get too close to the edge, they stop me falling. Sometimes, if I stumble too far they catch me. Can you see them too?

There aren’t many flying today, it’s cold and dark today, that path was really tough on my knees today, I tripped so many times. More than normal. If I stand really still maybe I will see more will fly in, and hopefully nothing else will push me closer.

I don’t want to fall today, I’m still broken from the last time I fell.

I need to make sure I don’t fall over the edge. Or at least be sure there are enough butterflies to catch me when I fall.


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