Letters of Hope – Hold On

To the butterfly who feels hopeless right now,

              This is for you; when you feel that you are so broken that there is nothing in this universe that can heal the pain you are feeling.  This is to say I see you; I see that look in your eyes, looking around constantly, searching for something, anything to hold on to.  One small spark of hope from the moment you wake to the moment you finally close your eyes at night. 

When you feel unwanted; like you are just in the way.  I am here waiting for you.  To stand by your side, to spend minutes, hours, days with you.  As long as you need till you realise how wanted you really are.  You will always be wanted in this space, just hold on to that.

When your inner voice is telling you that you are not good enough, I am here to tell you that you are great, you have been brilliant and I am proud of you.  That everything you have done has been great.  All the times you have done your best, it has been enough.  More than enough, and you need to remember to not be so hard on yourself.  Your best is enough, and every day you manage that is one day more to be proud of.  One day at a time, one step at a time, you are getting through it all.

When you want to let go, I am here to remind you to hold on.  Hold on to the beating heart you feel in your chest, because the pain that you feel right now, it is in this moment.  It can not last forever, and it will get better.  When you think that giving up is the only option I will be here to remind you that you have thought this before and you beat it.  You don’t give up, because you are a fighter.  It is ok to rest, and recharge yourself, then get back up and keep going.  You won’t be alone in this.  Just hold on till you have some more energy.

              When you want to quit I am here to remind you that you are worth fighting for, worth every single breath and step you take.  That the others around you take.  That all the effort you are putting into getting through each moment of every day is worth it.  Even if you aren’t able to see it right now, you will.  Sometimes when you look too closely at something the progress isn’t visible, but keep going and look at how far you can go.  The distance you can cover, and if you need to, hold on to me and I will fight with you, we will do this together.  You can do this.

When you feel so alone in the dark, navigating the endless maze of life, I am here with the light to guide you through, hold your hand, and help you up when you fall.  To guide you through the scary forests, and the unknown paths.  To keep you focused through the familiar paths which can distract you and slow you down.  Keep you afloat when it rains, and hold you when you need to rest.  There is no need to fear what is ahead when you have someone with you by your side.

When it feels that no one is listening to you, I am here to remind you that you are being heard, your story is a powerful one, no one is denying the fear, but you can and will inspire others, just hold on.  You need time to choose and process your past, your present, and your future.  Your hopes and dreams will be there for you, fuelled by your determination and passion from your story.  Go easy on yourself, you have time, your voice has a purpose and it is well received among many.

When you feel so lost, and that you don’t belong anywhere, I will be here to remind you that you are exactly where you do belong, wherever you are is where you are meant to be at this moment in time, even though it may suck right now, you are there for a reason, you have the choice to make it as good as possible, even if that choice is small.  You can make it if you choose to, you can choose to hold on and see the light shining in every day, to share that energy and joy with those around you.  You can do this, lift your eyes and see those around you cheering you on.            

When you feel that no one could possibly love you, I will tell you time and time again that you are loved.  Even if you can not see it, feel it or believe it at the moment, you will.  One day, just hold on long enough to see it.  You will then know that there are many people who love you for who you are, the real you inside, underneath the sadness and clouds that cast a shadow over your smile at the moment.  You will feel the love that you give to others, and it will be so magical, and ever so deserving.

I will be there to remind you what a brilliant work of art you are, the detail that you have in your story makes you stronger, more resilient than others around you.  The scars, and wounds that go unnoticed by others make you a warrior, they shape you, and you get to decide how your story is told.  You have the power in you to change the narrative of your life, no one else.  I will be there to applaud you, to guide you, to cheer you on at every step you take.

When you think it is all too much, and you fall to your knees, I will still be there, on my knees beside you.  To remind you that you are not doing this alone.  To remind you that this was not supposed to be easy.  That this will try to break you more than you ever thought was possible, but you are capable of standing again.  I know this because you are surviving every day, you breathe through every day, and you make it through to survive the next one.

I will be there with you when you see that light, and when you realise that you are defined by your history, you are not what has happened to you in your past, you are not a diagnosis.  You are allowed to live your dreams, and experience happiness, you are allowed to have hope, share your kindness, and share your smile with the world.  The world does want to hear you and see you.

I will be there to hear how your next chapter is going to change knowing it isn’t the ending, knowing it is just the beginning of a great new adventure.  I hope that you are able to make your next chapter incredible, that you are able to see the happiness you deserve, and that you can continue to be the inspiration to those around you that you are.  That you face each day with pride that you are still here, rocking this life. 

When people least expect those wings of yours will help you soar, reach those dreams, and show the world your beauty.  You belong in this world, in this community, in this lifetime.  You will always have a safe space next to me.  So just hold on for the ride.

Read every day if you need, remember to hold on, and that no matter what, you are not alone, you are safe here with me.

              Butterflies with Rainbows.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

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