Angles of August

Hi, Have you ever shone a light through a prism and seen all the different colours fly out at different angles? For those who have read my previous blog “Never Give Up” you will know that August has been an emotional month. Life has literally been pulling me in all angles possible. All is not … Continue reading Angles of August

You Don’t Need A Name.

Domestic abuse can affect anyone, it is hard to talk about if you’ve experienced it yourself, but hearing first hand how it can make you feel can also give someone strength, hope, courage and the power to take a step needed. However, reading about someone’s experiences can also be quite upsetting or traumatic for others, … Continue reading You Don’t Need A Name.

Letters of Hope – To My Fighting Butterfly.

To my butterfly who is fighting, I see you fighting. When you wake up in the morning wash those dried tears from the night before. I see you fighting. As you prepare yourself for the day ahead, gathering every ounce of energy you have just to get yourself ready to face the world. I see … Continue reading Letters of Hope – To My Fighting Butterfly.