Angles of August


Have you ever shone a light through a prism and seen all the different colours fly out at different angles? For those who have read my previous blog “Never Give Up” you will know that August has been an emotional month. Life has literally been pulling me in all angles possible.

All is not lost, all is not bad. I am writing today because for the people who follow Butterflies With Rainbows on Facebook and Instagram will have seen the post on what has been your greatest achievement this month.

I shared this because despite the emotional rollercoaster that there has been a front seat ticket for, there have been many many positives within the month. It is a case of looking at the days from different angles that’s all.

Working through events and looking at the positives, the solutions, and the steps in how to overcome challenges is one of the things that I’ve been working so hard on. It’s one of the biggest challenges that I have faced.

This stems back to having experienced a lengthy time of not being able to make decisions independently and always having them questioned. Spending time doubting my own ability to make the right choices and ultimately not believing enough in myself even if I know I’m making the right choices.

What is it about looking at a light shining through a prism though that makes me think of all these decisions, choices and conversations that have been had this month? Let me explain.

Every decision we make pulls us in a direction. Sometimes it can feel like these directions are so far away from where we want to be heading but they just have to be tried, or they have to at least be explored. The thing is, there is one main thing when it come to looking at all these angles that gives us some reassurance, some comfort.

“Even the youngest are fully aware of self love and gratitude”


All the different angles come from one focal point. One single pivot which never moves, wherever you are that is the center point. So no matter how far away I feel like I’ve been pulled away from life this month I know that I can bring myself back to this one point, my own grounding point at any time. Refocus and recharge. All the different paths are connected to that one point and that will never change.

Focusing on the positives that shine through during the stressful times show just how amazing the world is, the bright colours of the rainbow from that light act as a reminder of the kindness that is shown. From hearing out of the mouth of a little butterfly the questions, “Do you love me? Do you love your own?” Only to realise that even the youngest are fully aware of self love and gratitude. To have the kindness of others reaching out and reminding me to just take some time out, making a sandwich and encouraging me to just do something to recharge for a few hours.

When a day seems so overwhelming and long, (summer holidays guys, you hear me right?) it’s been easy to just collapse in a heap at the end of the day wish for school to hurry up and restart, but thinking about it, was the day actually all that bad, or was it just that the overflow stresses from other days impacted this day, and impacted my emotions? The day isn’t any longer, it’s not been any worse, it isn’t going to be any different and to be honest we had fun.

“It is a case of looking at the days from different angles that’s all.”


Having the extra stresses that we have had has shown the amazing resilience my little butterflies have developed, their sense of humour they have inherited (sorry?) and their sense of determination to never let anything beat them. They never give up, so even though it’s a been a challenging month, the angle we’ve chosen to focus on is what has it shown us together.

It is definitely easier to focus on the stresses, but it’s exhausting, looking at things from the colourful angles that are shining through is much more fun, more rewarding and definitely more beneficial.

Looking back at your August, what different angles have you looked at each day from?


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