“To You;”

Do you ever just stop, to take in your surroundings? Sit somewhere to really slow down? It is such a magical thing to do sometimes, and can really make you wonder, and think. The beautiful sunshine we had the other day was just the perfect weather to take a nice long walk. It wasn’t too hot, but at the same time it was not that cold either. So I was able to take that much needed time to just sit on the bench, by the river and observe the world going by. For those few moments completely switch off from the craziness of everything, to observe a sense of ‘normality’ in a sense. For those few moments there were no worries running through my brain, no anxieties making me shake, and no fears telling me to run away. For those few moments it was just nice to sit, watch, listen and write.

I am writing this to you, to all of you. To the new mums sitting on the bench with your babies tucked up so neatly in their prams.  I’m so glad you got out the house today, to meet each other and have your chat.  To see you both smiling while rocking your babies, you both seemed so at ease.  I hope you manage to keep it going and carry the example of friendship forward as your children grow. 

To the grandfather chasing their toddler grandchild up and down the riverbank, while she screams at the ducks.  I love you; you are amazing.  You haven’t stopped playing with that little girl and she hasn’t stopped laughing.  The amazing memories you are creating, and you may not realise it, but they will be cherished forever.  The patience while teaching her to ride that scooter, when dragging it is obviously a lot more fun, it’s to be commended.  I hope your family appreciate you.

To the couple sitting on a bench, taking selfie’s like no one’s watching.  You’re amazing.  Living life and enjoying the weather.  Documenting your walk with some pictures of you both and enjoying each other’s company.  You look so happy together. I wonder how long you’ve been a couple for.  You do look cute together. 

To the mum who’s feeding the ducks with her little boy, trying to convince him the bread is for the ducks and not for him.  You’re doing great.  I love hearing your laugh, and your words of encouragement.  You keep saying the right things to make your little one giggle, helping him to be brave enough to feed the ducks.  You seem to have a good bond and that’s so nice to see. 

To the fitness fanatics getting sweaty and running around.  I am watching in awe, with slight jealousy, and nothing to do with that fact you might be cute.  Keep the motivation going, you actually have no idea how many people you inspire or who you inspire.  Or make smile! Keep going, I’ll be watching for the next exercise, and maybe take some notes.

To the lonely looking person sitting on their own with their headphones in, are you ok? You’ve been looking at your phone for a while now.  I don’t think you have looked up at all. Even though it is a lovely day you have your hood up, and your sleeves pulled down over your hands. You look sad, preoccupied, there aren’t many people alone here, but I see you.  I hope the rest of your day goes ok. 

To the person reading this, just to say there is always someone, somewhere thinking of you, wondering if you are managing ok.  Hoping that you are able to do all you need to do to get through the day.  Who can manage a smile when they think of the things they have achieved.  Who can hold on to that hope, that even if you don’t think you are doing ok, you are doing better than you realise. That if you recognise you are doing ok, you have the confidence to celebrate that.

So this is written to you. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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