Slow Down

Do you ever feel like everything is rushing around you and you just want to scream “STOP” at the top of your voice? Yet it seems like no one else sees this hustle and bustle of total chaos? Me too!

That chaos around you may seem completely unbearable but for every time you have experienced it you found a way to get through it. I’m so proud, I know it’s been hard.

The energy it takes to keep up with everything and everyone is exhausting, if you have a secret to getting more energy please share! I haven’t found it yet and I know for sure I have days when I need more energy than I have.

It’s on these days you, me, our friends, family, loved ones, even strangers passing by sometimes need that little reminder. Slow down, it is ok to slow yourself down a little bit in this world.

It is easy to trick our minds into thinking that by slowing ourselves down we will be missing things, or not being able to keep up with everything that we may need to do. The reality of it all though, is by constantly running at full speed we will eventually get to the point when we will just break down completely and stop.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup”

None of us are superhuman, we actually don’t have an unlimited supply of physical or mental strength to be able to keep going all of the time. So why are we all so determined to do this? Why are we so reluctant to slow down when needed?

So what would slowing down achieve?

Will it mean we are able to concentrate on a smaller amount of things at a time? Will it mean that we can feel better about what we have achieved at each point in the day rather than overwhelmed? What if it meant that all the chaos was to shrink down into manageable chunks and leave us less confused and puzzled? Setting smaller goals and steps to take can be so much more manageable and saves your energy for when you need it most.

Slowing down doesn’t have to be seen as a negative, it isn’t a sign that we can’t manage or cope. Slowing down means we CAN manage because we know how to spread our energy across everything we need to do!

Slowing down also allows us to open our eyes and see the beauty amongst the chaos. What can initially be seen as an angry mess when watched slower is a vision of beauty, almost angelic dancing.

The beauty of watching the chaos in slow motion

So slowing down is ok, it is a good thing to do if we need to. Physically and mentally it will leave us with more energy, strength, control, and hope. Allows us to see clearer and to see a more wider field. Giving more options, lighting the paths which at full speed we may have missed.

So the next time it’s all running at full pace, remember it’s ok to slow down; because you can’t pour from an empty cup.


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