Interview with Talking Matters Most

On the 24th February I had the pleasure of virtually meeting with Hanna.  She runs her page @TalkingMattersMost on Instagram.  Hanna is from South Wales and started her page in 2020,  she keeps this up to date posting messages to promote positive mental health, promoting positive wellbeing, and with over a thousand followers now is keen to continue to share her positive message across her platform.

We met and had a lovely conversation covering the history of her page, and how it came about.  Including future hopes and dreams.  We even got talking about current thoughts and feelings about being in lockdown across the UK, and how that feels.  Here is how our conversation went.

I think I explained to you the other day about my website and the blog posts I am writing after talking to people behind the accounts on here. I think this is such an important thing, and people have a wealth of knowledge, and such important stories behind their pages.

I agree, I think it’s fantastic what you’re doing.

Thank you

So the first question I have, is quite broad.  Can you tell me how your page came about? How it started? and why it started?

I decided to start the page after many conversations with my friends and colleagues. Everyone I was speaking to was struggling with their mental health during lockdown-as was I- so it gave me the idea. My outlook has changed drastically over the past few months too and it’s important to me to try and stay positive- the account helps me do this whilst (hopefully) inspiring a little positivity in others too.

The name came about because it’s exactly how I was feeling at the time, talking to people about what’s on my mind seems to help me the most. And after speaking to others, it seemed to help them too.

That makes a lot of sense. I agree with the name choice. It is a very true statement as well.

When you say your outlook has changed, in what way?

I think my outlook has changed because of the way life has changed since last March, think I’ve gained a lot of perspective- what really matters and what I really need in my life.

love that, looking at it all with a different positive perspective rather than a restrictive perspective.

What keeps you motivated to keep your page active?

What keeps me motivated is the fact that people are following, commenting, and liking what I post, I suppose as long as people continue to engage with my content, I can see the value in carrying on.

Definitely. That is a great motivation isn’t it.

That leads quite nicely onto my next question. What are your best hopes for your page in the future? Where would you like to see it going?

To be completely honest, I haven’t thought about it- I’m sorry if that’s not the type of answer you were after, for now, I would like to just keep posting content that people like. If there’s an opportunity to grow it into something else, then I’ll likely pursue that.

I think that’s perfectly fine. Not everyone thinks about these things.

I think reading your answer the fact that you want to keep posting content that people like, is a hope.

And that’s pretty amazing.

I am really glad that you have managed to make something positive come out of this lockdown period. Even though you and the people around you were finding things hard, you had the courage to do something about it. That is so inspiring.  Is there anything you want to ask me?

We all may be in the same storm, but that doesn’t mean we are sailing the same wave.

Is this something you’re hoping to do more full time?

I work part time, but with events that I have experienced outside of work over the past few years I have decided to put it into words and start my blog.  Everyone has a story, the passion behind the content people share, which is what makes me interested in knowing why others have their pages, and why people do what they do.  What is it that inspires people to keep going, to keep motivated?

Everyone is different, and we all look for inspiration, and by talking to others, posting blogs on different profiles, telling these stories, I am hoping to create this safe place where people can read the blog click on the link to your page and see your posts.

Everyone does have a story, but I think it can be dangerous to think like that sometimes- don’t let that undermine what you managed to achieve.

I hope this will encourage others to avoid the negative posts which are sooooooo easy to come across online.

Some people are of the mindset that someone’s always worse off…which is true but in a sense both get hurt. Does that make sense?

Exactly. we might all be in the same storm. but our boats aren’t on the same wave.

Spot on.

@talkingmattersmost shared some amazing insight with how everyone does have their own story.  Knowing our own story, learning from our story, and using our story to inspire others is a powerful tool.  @talkingmatttersmost was developed out of listening and recognising what the people around one person needed.  The courage, tenacity, and bravery for one person to take the steps to react to those needs, to encourage conversations and create something to meet the needs of others in such a difficult time is inspirational.  People like Hanna are who will continue to spread the kindness, and message of hope.  To keep the faith in human nature going, that there are kind people who will listen, encourage others to talk when you need too, and empower other to do the same.  As we discussed, there are times when we all may be in the same storm, but that doesn’t mean we are sailing the same wave.  Everyone will experience it differently.  All we can do is be kind, listen, and remember that talking matters the most.

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